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The Home of Irrelevence

and other long and misspelt words.

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Well this is my mini bio. I like the Grateful Dead. I like them a lot. I assossicate myself with Jamxs in order to keep up with the random music and the on going communist revolution that we keep fucking up. Lenin said something like give me 11 men and I will change a country, give me two and we can start a the folk section of a joke of a band called the Purple Monkeys folk section. I play classical guitar (grade 4 if anyone is interested) and Jamxs plays ummmm everything.

I go fencing (sword fighting) and I imagine what it would be like to have a fencing version of a Jackie Chan Movie. I also ponder the moral implications of fencing for a split second before I decide to move for a hit in a savage manner. I have never won a fencing competition, but that might be something to do with practicing once a week for three years.

I like to read and debate important issues, problemics and philosophical problems. I even tried to start up a debating group with a friend at my old school with limited success. It degenerated into insainity and Christmas carols. The less said the better.

I am now at University. Oh Jesus what have I done? Its been one hell of a year.

I think I should mention now that I have no idea what I want to be when I am older.