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Driving School.

Anybody recommend any good driving schools in and around Portsmouth?


Thankyou for the party!!! I am happy and well caked!



Anyone fancy coming with me to Strawberries and Tea afternoon at John Pounds Memorial Church at 2.30pm next Sunday?

Saw James and John and went for a crazy drive out of Portsmouth. Fun times!!!
Father just left me chocolate and slammed the door, like I am some wild chocolate hungry beast.

Maybe I am.
Happy Valentines Everyone!!

The Rainbow Warrior Returns

Chi feels better, body aches. New karate club passes the test for hardness and ability to screw up a part of my body, but not too badly.


There's something up with my Chi.


Cheers James for an enlightening evening, I am sure drink induced states are what philsophy is all about.

Enjoy the manga, we probably did a good deal (?!)

Lyn x